Friday, May 25, 2007



In the laundry red is the enemy. Ferris has some red t-shirts that bleed so much I won't put them in with anything but the darkest darks...and even then I wouldn't put in dark dress pants if they had light colored pockets - lest I want them pink.

To test color-fastness in the wash I use this nifty little method. The first time a new dark or brightly colored item goes into the wash, I toss in what I like to call an 'indicator'.
We use white bar towels around the mopeenes. After serving us well - when they get tattered or stained they get re purposed as dust rags.. and then eventually end up in the basement or garage for oil or paint clean-up sort of things. To tell the difference at a glance, my clever wife uses a sharpie to put dots on each corner. These then get sorted/folded/and stored in the laundry room rather than with the kitchen towels.

Anyhooo... I just toss one of these white dust rags into the load since I don't really care what color they are. If it comes out white, then I know I can safely wash the item without worry.


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SassyFemme said...

A process for testing color-fastness? Dots on the corners with Sharpies? I love it! You two amaze me!

Have you tried the Shout color catcher sheets to absorb any dye that runs from clothing in the wash? I love them! (Still wouldn't trust them to absorb all of the red dye though.)

weese said...

mopeene (spelling is phonetic)
think old italian lady with a dishrag.

Maria said...

I don't think we have met. I have seen some of your comments on blogs I read and since I finally have semblance of free time tonight, am catching up on them.

I don't check anything. I just turn everything pink. Works for me. So, I am often not allowed to do the laundry. As I said, it works for me.