Thursday, May 17, 2007

It's all fun and games until somebody...

It's all good people.
weese does NOT need surgery.
The doctor tells me that I have some cartilage that may be frayed.
weese is fraying.

So for now, if I keep improving I am good to go.
There is an outside chance that I will need my frayed-ness smoothed out.
But weese is doubtful.
My Reiki-practioning wife will take care of the rest of my healing.
She has already been taking care of me dutifully all week. Each night she makes sure I have the requisite number of cocktails to keep me in a happy place. A place far from my long 'spring to-do list'.

I have been given the go ahead to resume 'light' activity today.
You all know what that means....


Val said...

uh oh. C'mon Weese. Pace yourself. Give the 'fraying' time to heal.

Like the cocktail therapy going on up there! :)

SassyFemme said...

Your version of "light activity" is probably NOT what your dr. thinks of for light. Have another drink or three, sit down, and chill, my friend. Forced chilling after surgery wouldn't be cool.

WordsRock said...

This is good news!
Please be cautious.
One rarely regrets simple caution.

Syd said...

You totally need to milk the cocktail service.

maxine said...

You can drink HOT tea?