Thursday, May 24, 2007

It's a look

I thought the cane really suited me... so I started using it again today.




Um... no. Not really. My coddling wife made me bring it. Seems I've had a little setback in the whole "Look!, I'm healed!" process.

But I am sure taking a ribbing here at the office. See, you need to imagine the whole picture.
Since the A/C has been on I have started wearing my cardigans again.
Add that to my wal-mart special magno glass that I wear on a chain around my neck.
Then toss in a cane.

Oh yeah, I've got 'the look' goin' on.


Anonymous said...

And your Depends? Are they is your desk drawer?

maxine said...

SassyFemme said...

Ohhhh, hot mamma!

clammy said...

Do you wear high-waders, too?

Anonymous said...

Be still, my heart!!! LOL

Val said...

yeah, it's a look - granny Weese! :)
Not gonna look too swift riding shot gun with the 'top down wife'!

KMae said...

ohhhh, HONEY!!
Hobble on over sometime!