Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I am over 40. This means I wear those ubiquitous magnifying glasses from Wal-Mart to see anything within say… a foot of my face.

This is fine. I have no hang ups about getting older.
But I also like convenience.
This is why I now wear my magna-glasses around my neck. They are always there when I need them. This works for me. I don’t care how it looks.

Where the magna glasses fall short is when you have something in your eye or perhaps need to tweeze a brow. Then – they simply get in the way.

The other day my also-over-40 wife and I were at Bed Bath and Beyond where we came upon a display of magnifying mirrors.
I wondered-- will this work like the glasses or will I just see a blurry reflection of myself 5 times larger….
So I looked.
I called my browsing wife over.
She looked.

We were mesmerized. We were gigantic… and perfectly. in. focus.
And o….the flaws.

We tried them all. Some had lights, some where chrome, some were nickel, some had different magnifications on each side. It was better than the fun house.
It occurred to us after some time that we were actually in a store – and that we would eventually need to go home, so we decided to purchase one.

After some further experimentation my magnified wife suggested the 10x.
I told her I may never leave the house if I had to see myself that closely.
So we chose the 7x and went home.

I can’t decide whether I wish we had always had one of these… or never discovered it.


SassyFemme said...

LOL... We can sooo relate to this! We've had a lighted magnifier mirror for some time. Recently we were in BB&B and saw one with even greater magnification and light. It was horrifying to see that much, and we left without buying it. Now I can't help but wonder what I'm missing as I look into the older, less powerful mirror. I predict before long we'll be back buying the one we saw.

WordsRock said...

Sounds like a very helpful device indeed. However, owning one is another step closer to becoming my mother...

chapin said...

I keep trying on the glasses at Wally World. The day is getting close when I'll be forced into buying them. While I was thinking I might just shove them on my head I think I like the chain idea much better. I love my 40s!!!!!

dykewife said...

oh, the joys of the double edged sword of great finds. there is a way to resolve this you know. you could get your brows done at a salon and never would you have to look in a magnifying mirror again. then again, you already bought it, so it's all very moot.

deb said...

Aren't those the greatest? The first time I came across one was in a hotel room in Denver where I was staying on business. The bathroom was equiped with one of those mirrors you could pull out from the wall right up to your face! I just had to have one.

Like you we found such a thing at BB&B. Being handy around the house has its benefits - I attached it to the wall at the perfect height for both of us - now we're magnified appropriately, and can pluck at will.

Life is good.

Val said...

I have no need to see myself at any magnification level thanks! Glad you & your magnified wife are happy with your new purchase!