Thursday, September 13, 2007


We didn’t have a fish.
So we improvised.
We used tuna… Bumblebee of course.

So this should be pretty simple. Put out the ‘fish’, watch the bees go for the fish, follow the bees to their home – then we could plan our attack.

Here is the first chunk of tuna we put out.

I cleverly used the lid as a sorta of serving dish.

We watched… and waited….

My observant wife noticed that the bees were simply drinking the tuna-flavored water.
To correct their behavior we removed the lid – this time using a leaf as the serving dish.I couldn’t just toss it on the ground – that’s simply barbaric.

And we watched… and waited again. No activity.

So we moved the tuna leaf to another location.

And we watched… and waited…

My wife wandered off to water things in the yard, I popped open a cold one and sat in a chair.
And watched… and waited…

And then… they came.

A couple at a time, the bees would work quickly to break away a small piece. Sure enough, holding their precious little piece of tuna tightly, they would lift off. Wobbly and overburdened they head out toward the back yard.
Whoo hoo!
Now all we had to do was follow the bee right back to their lair.

Ok, so …have you ever tried to track a bee laden with tuna?
We tried.
Several times.

Lets review:
We have millions of bees.
We still don’t know where they live.
The party is tomorrow.
We have just begun to feed these bees, who were already quite enamoured with our yard.
Hopefully this has improved their mood.


otter said...

Maybe put the tuna in the back yard so you don't have to follow as far? Rent a bunch of bee-keepr suits and make it a 'white party'?

WordsRock said...

Okay look. I really really really need to know the outcome of this story. One can stand to be teased for only so long.

That being said, the image of the little bees clutching chunks of tuna is amusing. Makes me wanna put some tuna out for our bees!

Syd said...

Given the choice, I'd take the bees over the smell of fish in trees. Not that I'd know anything about that.

SassyFemme said...
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chapin said...

This is a captivating story indeed. I check as often as I can for updates. Thank you for the pictures but now I want more and I want it now. :-)

Teresa said...

Have I ever told you that your multiple-entry threads detailing the hunting of wildlife in your backyard (and sometimes your basement) are my very most favorite Weese posts? I like to picture you and the MAW on backyard stakeouts, all decked out in survival gear, which in this case would involve those big bee suits. In a word: sexy