Friday, September 21, 2007



Got balls?
I do.
Dryer balls.

I tried these only recently and am so pleased that they made the tip-o-day list.

We have a stacked washer/dryer. Not the fancy new front loader ones - ours is probably a dozen years old. (yes... to those who have seen it... its that old. Perhaps another tip will be how to keep your washer/dryer looking like new.)
They work well, and while they are labled 'full' size machines they are somewhat small. We do our best not to overload them - but regardless the dryer has always taken a long time to complete its work.

Then Aunt Arlene told us about Dryer Balls.
Skeptically I gave them a shot, and was very pleased to find that the clothes dried in less time and had less wrinkles.

The only down side to Dryer Balls can occur when you are unloading the dryer and one or both of these bouncy laundry aids falls out and skips playfully across the floor in the general direction of the FREE dog.
Luckily, we have several of those 20% off coupons for BB&B.


Val said...

I've been noticing those 'balls' around and have been curious. Nice to know they have the Weese seal of approval.

sporksforall said...

Woo, now that is a good tip. Our non free dogs would get them if I didn't exercise great care, but I like the idea.

Syd said...

Bullshit, I know what those are, Weese.

amazonfm said...

There's quite a lot you can say when confronted with the phrase 'dryer balls.' Unfortunately none of it is as clean as the clothes you spin with them.

weese said...

ha! syd!
hmm, now where did I put those aaa batteries.

SassyFemme said...

We have dryer balls, but still throw the dryer sheets in w/them. I missed the smell of the dryer sheets so we had to go back to using them.

Syd, I know better than to click that link when the shades are open!

Weese said...

Ain't that funny - I got myself a virtual reality doppelganger. So nice to meet you ;) All the best from Coburg, Germany -- Joerg