Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Parking 101

I drove a mini-van for over a dozen years. I loved my van. It looked like new when I traded it in at 13 years and 186k miles. Which should surprise no one.
I loved the way it drove, I loved the way it handled.
I could drive that van just as well backwards as forward. I could park it anywhere.

Now I drive a VW Cabrio. There aren't many cars smaller than that.
So why is it I can't back the thing up?
I mean I can't even back it into a parking space.
I park in the same space here at work everyday. When I arrive there are no other cars near my space, and I like to back in.
I do this everyday.
Yet everyday it takes me two tries.

There I am ... all alone... on the roof of the parking garage (in full view of the entire building) attempting over and over again to park my teeny tiny little car into this cavernous space.


Syd said...

I would watch that EVERY day. In fact, that would never get old.

Anonymous said...

and I'm sure Syd would blog about it as well

weese said...

its a big building... i have to wonder if someone IS blogging about it.

sporksforall said...

I'm going to go with pull in forward. Why be a spectacle just because?

Anonymous said...

Since you're wearing granny magno glasses why not do it the old fashioned way - open your door a bit, look back through the open door and guide your car on the driver's side into the parking spot. If there are no cars near then you don't need to worry about hitting anyone.

It won't work in the rain or snow. On those days you can do the two try method. ~eb

WordsRock said...

I'm with sporks. I get into the space whatever way is easiest. I worry about getting out later, like maybe in the afternoon when I'm actually awake.

WenWhit said...

That two-try parking is bad for the image, Weese. WAY worse than the glasses on a string. ;p

dykewife said...

i'd pay to watch syd watching you :)

Tawanda said...

Oh hell, just fake it!

SassyFemme said...

Oh if only a webcam were there! :)

Care to share the secrets to parallel parking a mini-van? I can never tell where the dang back of mine is!

Anonymous said...

I think the two-try method can work if, when exiting your car, you walk with the "I meant to do that" swagger ~eb

my word verification is 'ifucx'

Val said...

That IS ridiculous. Perhaps pictures would be helpful for those of us who are NOT watching you do this.... (but since I work close by, I may have to go check it out some morning :))