Friday, September 07, 2007


It's Friday.
And I have a story for you... it's about bees.

However - I feel I need to wait. To pause. To pay my respects. To pray.
For Gypsy the cat, and her dear mom Sue.

I have been laboring this morning over whether to blog it or not.
But I must. Because I am so ... sad and heartbroken.

We try very hard to keep our pets safe. We spend large portions of our income on vet bills, the finest pet food, toys and other accoutrement.
We try to keep them from harm by walking our dogs on leashes, building fences and keeping our cats indoors. We make sacrifices so that they will be safe and happy.
We coddle out pets.

Our friend Sue is just like that. Sue is a warm, wonderfully sensitive, creative woman and her best pal for these many, many years has been Gypsy.
This very special feline cuddled Sue through a difficult divorce. She rejoiced with Sue when they got their new house. She loved to visit, and loved to be tied out on her leash while all we silly lesbians sat around in the yard drinking cool drinks and watching her chase bugs. (Yes, she liked to be tied out with her harness on to get some fresh air... always safe... always within site).

Then they met with the bizarre and tragic.
This week a chimney company came to cap off the chimney. Unknown to the workers a raccoon was already in there, now sealed in by the cap. While Sue was out that evening, the raccoon gained access to the house... and to Gypsy. Gypsy did everything she could - and the battle was fierce. Sue came home (thank goodness accompanied by loved friends) to a war zone in her safe and beautiful home.
Vets worked on Gypsy for two days - her injuries were massive. But after her courageous battle - she succumbed to signs of rabies. Yes. Rabies. The raccoon was rabid.
I weep, as I type, for fluffy little Gypsy and our friend Sue.

All the humans involved are now being treated for this dreaded and, here in CT, prevalent disease.


j said...

woh. That is awful. I'm so so sorry for your friend, and her cat.

Zoe said...

That is just horrible. My heart goes out to you and your friend, and of course the poor cat. I can't even imagine.

Val said...

That's unbelievable. I can't believe that they chimney folk didn't check things more thoroughly.
Sorry for Sue, Gypsy and you guys. That's not the way to leave this earth.

the only daughter said...

Oh my, how horrid.

My condolences to all.

frog said...

Oh, that's just heartbreaking. I'm so sorry.

SassyFemme said...

My heart breaks to hear stories like this. Sorry for all.

Bent Fabric said...

I don't even know what to say. That's incredibly sad. :(

Anonymous said...

Yes, thank goodness your friend Sue was with others when she opened her door that evening. Poor Gypsy. How awful and so sad for all - even the poor raccoon. Best wishes to everyone being treated for rabies - very scary. ~eb

Lachlan said...

*hugs my own Gypsy just a little tighter*

My condolences to Sue. That is a tough, tough loss to cope

Anonymous said...

good horrible....

WenWhit said...

That story is so disturbing it makes me want to puke.

Your friend is certainly in my thoughts.

Lucy's Mom said...

Oh my goodness. That is one of the most terrible things I've ever read. It made the hair on the back of my neck stand up and I got tears in my eyes. When we lock our fur babies in the house, we assume they are safe. What a horrible experience for your friend and for poor Gypsy. Please let your friend know of our compassion. We feel so bad for her. Words cannot say how bad.

Anonymous said...

I note that you coddled your pet and it died. I petted my cod and it died. Petting and coddling are killing our pets. And our cods. When will we learn?

weese said... pet a cod?

kATHY GORHAM said...

hello- I am a long & dear friend of Susie's sister, Debbie. I am also an animal advocate & volunteer in rescuing stray cats.
I am so saddened & heartbroken for Susie & Gypsy. The chimney people should have checked inside before they capped it off- they must know wild animal build nests frequently inside- I hope they have learned a valuable lesson for the future & that this will never happen again. Peace & love to ALL... Our thoughts & prayers are with you Susie. Love Kathy