Thursday, September 13, 2007



As my patient wife will continually and patiently tell me... don't worry so much.

So all week I'm running around chasing bees laden with tuna... and in the end it all worked out just fine.
So that's my tip.
Don't worry so much.

The-Sister-In-Law's shower last weekend was loads of fun. We never found the nest. The tree was still filled with bees. There were no casualties.

I, of course, immediately identified the guests with bee allergies - and my mom, the nurse, offered to stick 'em with Epi-Pens if need be. Hmm, there's an apple and tree story for ya.

But the real kicker is... today when I pulled into the driveway and looked curiously up at the tree for my buzzy little pals. They were gone.

Lets recap:
I worried all week about bees.
The party was fine.
The bees disappeared.
My patient wife smirks.

We cleverly had the food served inside.

Many brave people scoffed at the bees and stayed outside.

We made the 'bride' wear a tiara... with flashing lights.

Bridesmaids in Barbie hats.

Others stayed inside where it was safe (and air conditioned).

And then some of us... simply waited until after the bees bedtime.

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WordsRock said...

I've been brooding on this whole non-resolution to the bee story. It's maddening.

Looks like a great party. :)