Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Why are the bees mad?

Or are they angry

I was a cautious, careful child. And while I had plenty of fun I found it unnecessary to get overly dirty or raucous. I rarely got hurt, I’ve never broken a bone and I have never been stung by a bee. Really… never.

Until this weekend.

A completely unprovoked attack. I was driving along on the tractor, out in an open field, as I have done for near 20 years now. I saw no bees. I was near nothing.
The next day my gentle wife was stung in the hand while reaching for the wheel barrow.

Have you been stung this year? More and more I am hearing stories of stings and nests and generally large bee populations. Perhaps to the individual it may not seem that remarkable… but when you start to put all the stories together – something fishy is going on.
(key word here is fishy… stay tuned for more and you’ll see what I mean)


j said...

Weird. My mom got stung by around 5 of them on Monday afternoon.

Trop said...

I was pestered by a persistent bee today at the school picnic. Some chick went after it for me. Clearly she's not allergic. I have an epipen just in case. Last time I got stung, things didn't go well.

WordsRock said...

As a matter of fact, we had a bee incident in our yard recently. The Boy was moving some old logs and got stung.

Then Wendy was over near those same logs and was chased away by a little swarm of bees. It was then a nest was discovered inside one of the logs. We haven't dealt with it yet.

I've never broken a bone or been stung by a bee either. I hope to keep it that way.

Bent Fabric said...

Funny, I read this earlier.

Many years ago I was stung right under my left eye. It swelled so much I looked like one of those bug-eyed goldfish.

chapin said...

I've broken my share of bones and been stung by more than enough bees. I'm like Trop...I'm very allergic and hope I never get stung again.
I think I have an answer to your question...Beekeepers in 24 states across America are encountering a strange phenomenon: bees—which seemed to be healthy days earlier—are abandoning their hives. Millions of these insects have been reported lost, with no trace of where the colonies may have gone, and no apparent cause for their disappearance. In a few other cases, whole colonies have been found dead in their hives.
I think they all moved to your house.

Anonymous said...

I got stung by a wasp a couple weeks ago. You don't want to be stung by a wasp. Bee stings are a piece o'cake compared to a wasp sting. I could feel the venom riding up and down my arm. Big ass swelling on my arm but worst of all, I didn't get to finish trimming the ivy on the front of the house and it looks REALLY stupid. ~eb

SassyFemme said...

We had a number of bees flying around us at the beach on Sat. I don't know if that's unusual for the beaches here or not, but it seemed odd.

No broken bones here either, in a cast for 4 weeks before they decided it wasn't really broken... not fun.

the only daughter said...

No broken bones. No bee stings. I was working in that plot masquerading as a yard and saw quite a few, but they didn't seem agressive. Of course I gave them as wide a berth as possible.

The son was stung in his ear many moons ago.

dykewife said...

at this time of year, we have fewer problems with bees than with wasps. the wasps are currently hunting up protein to feed the queen and for hibernation. picnics are nearly impossible right now because there's always some wasps competing for the food.

treppenwitz said...

People, people... chances are that they are yellow jackes (a type of wasp), not bees. at this time of year bee colonies are weakening and preparing for the fall and winter by gathering the last of the summber nectar. They have absolutely no agressive tendencies unless you actually open their hive.