Tuesday, June 08, 2004


Do you know the movie 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'?
Well... we are raising Ferris.
This boy has a heart of gold - he is just filled with mischief, and is a skilled charmer. His latest endeavor ...
As we are coming into finals week it’s time to bring the ole grades up (this happens every marking period, and he is man who works well under pressure). This is also a very important report card, as it will make or break his car insurance deduction (the good grades discount). So… he has a deal with one of his (female I might add) teachers to add points to his grade if he can go 7 days without TV. This of course, because anything else would be inhumane, does not include Mets games.

As any other red-blooded high school lad - he is addicted to TV. So this really is a trial of his will. We applaud his efforts and are doing what we can to ease his pain.
Last night...it was a killer game of monopoly.

You have not played Monopoly until you play with this guy. Granted - there was some rule stretching, especially as it came to buying and selling properties and houses...but who is to argue with him in this economy of over inflated real estate values.
Houses were being bought sold and moved around as we counted our tokens around the board. He would tear down houses in front of my token (well..I should note I did negotiate a bit of a loan while his crafty mother was in the powder room), only to put up hotels behind me as mom entered the neighborhood. Now, don't go feeling sorry for her. The bank actually ran out of 500.00 bills. Her nickname for this game was 'Wad'.

He played the entire game with about 10 bucks of actual cash – he bought, he sold, he mortgaged, he bought back, he traded, he tried to go to jail as much as possible…but he stayed in the game until the end… somehow.
I thankfully was bankrupt by 10, and went to bed. The game went on for some time after that. I heard this morning that the bank actually ran out of money. I have also heard 'Ferris' wants to play again tonight. However, I am thinking we go with something more docile like Pop-O-Matic Trouble perhaps.

Is there a Mets game on tonight?


Anonymous said...

Aaah game night.
I was recently humbled when my 8 year old nephew totally kicked my butt at Monopoly. ((coughing)) And I am the one with the business degree!!! Harumph!!
Btw: a great source of board games is garage sales. People are always trying to unload Sorry, Clue, or Jenga.
-Lisa from mittenmusings

Anonymous said...

Ferris, indeed. :)

I applaud his efforts. His TV abstinence would be like me trying to go without Internet for more than 2 days.