Wednesday, June 09, 2004

It was swift, merciless. I wouldn’t call it gruesome. Actually, it was almost graceful. Executed with such precision that it was practically painless, altho not completely without misery. There were times when I thought it may get better, take a turn from the worst. There were times when I almost enjoyed it, sick as that may sound. I suppose, if I had to I could even do it again.
Yes. We played Monopoly again last night.
Where the HELL are the Mets, on vacation or something!


Anonymous said...

Hey... I've never posted on Blogger before, so I didn't have an account. :|

This is Chari from TECHFLUID, []. You had just come by and commented on my blog, so I thought I'd come and see who the heck you were. Your "About" page is great!

Looking forward to reading more of you! Thanks for dropping in!

weese said...

yes, yes. have to find a better way for comments to work. its very clunky this 'canned' comments thing from blogspot. but...its free - and i am likin' free.
good to hear from you Chari. Thanks for coming by.
I will be back to visit.

Mike said...

hah - my family and i played monopoly tonight - i got is fairly ruthless...