Friday, June 11, 2004

I have times when I am completely swept up by a moment. I can actually feel a sort of energy rise within me. It can be spurred by all sorts of sensory inputs.
It can be something as simple as padding around a freshly cleaned house and that wonderfully clean, smooth feel the wood floors have under your bare feet. (ok..this one is probably mine alone... my chi is centered in a clean house)
It can be more sensual … a glance from my beautiful wife can take my breath away.
Driving with the windows open and suddenly smelling fresh cut grass always lifts me.
Sometimes the late afternoon sun will graze our freshly cut lawn into a picture perfect sea of green. On a summer morning, there can be a certain mixture of the right temperature, a soft breeze, the angle of the sun and fresh dew rising that just makes me so happy to be alive. Do you know these moments?
One evening recently, I had come out of the house to do some menial task perhaps it was the garbage or recyclables or some such thing. I came down the walk and into the driveway, and had one of those moments. My green-thumbed wife has gardened the entry to our home into a festival of blooms that at that moment, with the dimming light of the day and the fresh smell of evening just falling, the heady scent of the heavy blooms… well it moved me.

(the pic does no justice…but it was the best I could do until they actually get that smell-o-rama thing working on the web)


Anonymous said...

Oh so pretty! My plant identification skills leave a bit to be desired....what are the large plants/ shrubs?
Also like the rocker on the porch. Must be a good place to catch up on reading, or zzzzzzzzzz's.
-Lisa from mittenmusings

jen said...

I think the picture speaks volumes. Just beautiful.

I often find myself caught up in those amazing moments where your breath sort of catches and you have to breathe in double-time to feel "normal" again.

Those moments are amazingly poignant.

Thanks for sharing yours. :)

weese said...

Those are tree peonies. She (the gardener in the fam) also has a whole row of regular peonies just to the other side of the walk. I like the tree ones...they stand up on their own- where as the others tend to tip over from the weight of their own blossoms.