Thursday, June 17, 2004

till then

off from work tomorrow..yay (which means no posting 'till monday perhaps)
little time to post today - am deeply embedded in Excel.

will do small, free projects around the house/yard tomorrow.
free - because of an imposed spending freeze due to a budget meeting we had last week, where we had to form a small committee and have a vote and a couple of referendums and there was no optimal solution except to cut spending but since we have no teachers to fire, or municipal expenditures we had no other choice but to infringe upon the spending allocations of the household and all dwellers with the exception of absolute necessities - those being food and housing -- I did try to get ‘trips to Wal-Mart’ through on a rider suggesting that the new stick vac I needed for the second floor was an absolute necessity due to a substantial increase in dog hair production in that area, alas it was overturned on the floor.
Although I swear if I find the ‘right’ pair of black shoes – I may have to put in for a waiver.
'till monday then. enjoy.

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