Wednesday, June 23, 2004

my boycott

I have not made a big deal about this…ok, well maybe I have… but I am still quite happily boycotting news. And I feel great. Oh sure, the first couple days were hard. I snuck a headline here and there, checked the previews for the upcoming tv news mags – but its easier now…and really, I don’t think I miss it. I am more peaceful. I am more uniformed. I am damn near ignorant.

I was a news junkie. Now I say that with a huge caveat – because I was not all that politically defined or opinionated, as most of us junkies tend to be. I just listened, soaked it up, wanted to know what was going on. I chose news. My radio was always tuned to NPR. I read Time or Newsweek, the local papers. For entertainment I would always choose a news-ish show over anything else, 20-20 was news enough for me. I could not hide behind not taking sides, and not having an opinion…I was a junkie.

I am not sure why it happened but it started to get hard… and harsh, I don’t know if it was me or the world. But it was too much. So I decided to quit. Cold turkey. No news shows, no radio, no yahoo news at lunchtime, no magazines …sometimes I even skip over blog posts. Beth is often a ‘news worthy’ source – so I just wait for another post… less newsy. And Treppenwitz… well …sometimes I just read him anyway and consider it a history lesson. Its one of the reasons I like Dooce so much - no news there.
Some things slip through the cracks, I heard someone else, somewhere else, was beheaded the other day, but that’s all I know – really.

And guess what? I am fine. I am learning more about sled dogs and the Mayans than is probably necessary.. but its all good.

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