Monday, June 07, 2004

Pet Hospice

ok. well - Here is the run down.
I have previously written about the fish.
He has fin-rot. He is still alive, with barely any fins left making steering difficult.
Truly amazing will to a fish.

The cat was diagnosed with cancer of the sinus a couple weeks ago.
He was gravely ill, blood streaming from his nose, the vet didn't think he would make it through the weekend.
But he did. And actually seems much better now. Not sure how long he has at this point.
But he is killing birds and playing with catnip, seems happy enough.

The little dog was just diagnosed with kidney failure on Friday. She has to eat special (prescription) food. This will keep her alive for a year or two. Of course she will NOT have anything to do with this food. Not really sure what that does to her prognosis. Again, I suppose we will just wait and see.

The big dog is ...fine. Other than the fact that she escaped (fenced yard) last week and rolled in something so horrible that I had to wash her numerous times before being allowed back into the house. But she could end up being pretty lonely next year. (no, my love... no replacement pets).

Lucky for us, my sensitive wife is a trained hospice volunteer. (of course...she is an 'arts' volunteer - not sure how that will apply to pets.)


Anonymous said...

Oh dear! The poor critters.
Give the dogs tummyrubs, the kitty a chin scratch, and well..the fish whatever fishies like from me and Gus the Wonderdog (my critter).
-Lisa from mittenmusings

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I'm so sorry to hear about all the pets! No replacements? You're tougher than I if you can manage that. I'll be lucky to not have more pets within six months of Nerdstar returning home!

Here's wishing them all the best - at least they're in good hands!

Ace Pryhill said...

I'm sorry to hear about the ailments. Bettas do have a pretty impressive ability to recover. One Friday a few years back, our work Betta, Sake was on his deathbed after a long illness...just sitting there struggling for every breath. We thought we'd return on Monday to a floater and contemplated proceeding with funeral services (flushing). We didn't and it's a good thing; Monday, Sake was swimming around like nothing ever happened.