Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Fender Bender

First let me just say – I have nothing against motorcycles. I am a carefree, spirited gal – I even wanted one a short while ago. Went so far as to do some online shopping to pick a model. Of course, true to form, I selected the smallest, slowest motorcycle I could find. Really, if it weren’t for the fear of falling off and scraping my skin to the bone *shudder* I would have one. Well, except I don’t really like to go fast either and the thought of doing any speed say over 20mpg straddling a rocket engine without body armor is less than appealing. I came very close to getting a Vespa, and still have hopes that when my sporty wife and I move to the shore we will simply have to have them to scoot over to the beach and back. But – I digress.
I am aware that folks who ride motorcycles are painfully aware of their vulnerability. There are bumper stickers that allude to this. I am one to always give them plenty of room, never pull out into a lane in front of one or follow to close behind. I try to be sensitive to the fact that motorcyclist must be terrified of family vans. Yes, I drive a family van – I may mentioned this before… I will tell you all sometime just how much I love my van.
Anyway…off track again – this morning on my way in to work I had to chuckle. There was an accident, a minor accident… car vs. motorcycle. I came upon the scene from the back and noticed a very shiny new Harley Davidson parked along the curb with some small shiny parts strewn about the road. As I came closer I could see around the corner where a very shiny new black Lexus was pulled over. Two well dressed middle aged men (quiet David...yes, I know we are ’middle age’) were standing behind this vehicle inspecting the back bumper holding their wallets in their hands, and generally looking a bit embarrassed.
The news clip will read something like this:
Motorcycle Rear Ends Lexus
Two local men, apparently both suffering from mid-life crisis’ had an accident at the corner of Elm Street. No injuries, other than their ego’s, were reported.

I will put this in my ‘you don’t see that every day category’.

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