Wednesday, August 12, 2009

whooo weee

Have you ever been so hot that you need to take your jewelry off.
As if it might be cooler to just not have that necklace on your neck.

Don't get me wrong here.
My people are a short, round island people*.
We love the heat.
Bring it.

* This is a common joke of mine. My father was Italian, his mother grew up in Sicily. I tend to favor that side of the family in the short, round shape and fetching olive tone... thus 'my people'.
Oh... and my mother? The W.A.S.P. - she was simply the vessel.


eb said...

IT'S 79 up there?!!! Ohhhh, but it feels like 82! I was just gonna jump ugly all over yo ass for thinkin' it was hot when it's not. But, hell, 79 that feels like 82? Whooosh! Pass the lem-own-ade.

CJ said...

Hey, when you get that hot, nekkid is the only way to be!!

KMae said...

eb you're SO funny!
It's 100 in Houston, no?

But I AM HOT TOO, Weese.
Jumping into the ice cold above ground pool!

weese said...

ha..yes... perhaps I should have mentioned.
my home office is in the attic.
there is no A/C here.
its ...oh i dunno about 110 up here now.
i was just about to bust out a hefty bag and see if i can sweat off a few pounds.

Anonymous said...

110 degrees is bad for computer equipment. Er...but you know that already.

Anonymous said...

Today I've been chilly at times, but the last couple of days I couldn't deal with anything other than my rings and clothes of course.

e said...

The older I get, the narrower my comfort zone becomes. Too bad since wild temperature swings are becoming the norm.

Hahn at Home said...

Every single day. I call it menopause.